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IVF center and EGG DONATION Program

It is a process where the eggs of the donor are harvested from her ovaries through a surgical procedure and fertilized in the laboratory, the same procedure used on IVF patient, but the resulting embryo is then transferred to a woman's uterus. Advances in IVF and egg donation set the stage to allow open and candid discussion of oocyte and embryo donation as a common practice. This breakthrough has given way to the donation of human oocytes and embryos as a common practice similar to other donations such as blood and major organ donations.

Couples are there who would love to have a child of their own but due to various reasons that are not able to have such. The best possible way that they can have is to avail the service of ivfcentre and egg donation program. Couple must make themselves aware of the treatment which will be given to them in such programs. The IVF centres follow certain steps so that good quality eggs are available for fertilization. Let us have a look at the steps.
Application and screening: This is the first step this is followed by the ivfcentre and egg donation program. Those who want to donate eggs should apply to these IVF centres and then pass through proper medical screening so that good quality eggs can be collected.
Matching of donor: When a couple wishes to have donated eggs they must be in touch with ivfcentre and egg donation program facility. They will be shown a list of donors from whom they can have eggs. The donor will be called and if it is seen that the donor matches the FDA round of testing then eggs are taken from that particular donor.
Suppression and stimulation of ovaries: At the ivfcentre and egg donation program facilities the donor and the recipient menstrual cycle are synchronized. Injections are given to the donor so that more eggs are produced rather than one as usually happens. Regular tests are conducted to see the progress of the donor and the recipients so that no error happens. The ivfcentre and egg donation program facilities take special care so that no mistakes happen. As if anything goes wrong at this initial stage then the entire success of the program is in jeopardy.
Preparation of uterus: The uterus of the recipient is prepared by the ivfcentre and egg donation program organizationso that the uterus is in shape to receive the egg after it is fertilized.
Egg retrieval: This process is done with utmost care by ivfcentre and egg donation program centres. When it is medically noticed that the eggs are mature they are taken out under medical supervision so that they can be fertilized.
As the eggs are retrieved it is then fertilized at the ivfcentre and egg donation program centres and placed inside the uterus of the recipient. The recipient will then have a chance of having a baby of her own.

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